10 Big Data Inventions Predicted by the Simpsons

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10 Big Data Inventions Predicted by the Simpsons

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Humans are creative and ingenious, always hungry to satisfy their curiosity of the unknown (like outer space) and make cool inventions that could make our lives better. Check out the following for ideas about the greatest inventions of all time as well as inventions predicted by the Simpsons. You can also take a look at the list of biggest big data companies.


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Inventions Predicted by the Simpsons

  • Farmville
  • 3D printed cake
  • Baby translator
  • Airplane restaurant
  • Auto-correct
  • Left-handed stores
  • Sarcasm detector

Modern Inventions & Discoveries That Make Our Lives Better…

  • Fire was discovered, not invented. Still it is one of the most helpful discoveries of all time. Its earliest use could be dated back as far as two million years ago.
  • Optical lenses, such as telescopes and microscopes have a long history, and so with optical lenses, which help people expand the possibility of their vision.
  • Nail was one of the simplest metal fasteners and one of the most useful as well. Its first use can be traced back about 3400 BC in ancient Egypt.
  • Paper is another amazing human invention. It was invented in China in about 100 BC. It lets us write down and share ideas with other people.
  • Compass is a navigational device that plays an important part in human explorations and discoveries. It was first created between 300 and 200 BC by the Chinese and was mad of lodestone.
  • Wheel was invented around 3500 BC by the Mesopotamians. They were used in pottery, and then 300 years later, it was used in the chariot.
  • Electricity is one of the greatest discoveries of humankind. It makes the use of electronic devices possible. William Gilbert first described the magnetic effect of lodestone to coin, coining the term electricus later. The most famous man credited for electricity, however, was Benjamin Franklin, due to furthering human understanding of electricity, not its discovery.

There you have the greatest inventions and discovery of humankind since the beginnings of the earliest civilizations up to modern inventions as predicted by the famous Simpsons.

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