Best Big Data Analytics Tools for You and Your Business

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Best Big Data Analytics Tools for You and Your Business

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Businesses are now grappling with voluminous amounts and multiplicities of data. It is being used to discover information hidden in its very intimidating form. You need to use specialized tools in order for you to analyze it, since the common tools such as an Excel spreadsheet may find it hard to process such large data scale.

Characteristic of Good Data Analyst

Big data analytic tools cannot think on its own. It’s still the responsibility of the data analyst to decide what he is really looking for in the pile of data before him. They must be proactive in looking for information, asking the right questions and gathering the right data for his analysis and must be sensible about the value of the data he is working on.

Listed below are some of the big data analytic tools that you can use for your personal and business needs and read big data products comparison.

10 Best Big Data Analytics Tools for You and Your Business

  • 1010data

1010data’s columnar analytical database supports enormously parallel processing for scalability and supports a subset of SQL functions including graph and time-series analyses. 1010data’s private-cloud approach relieves customers of the burden of managing and scaling infrastructure.

  • Action Matrix

This company is taking pride in the combination of fast, analytical DBMS options, cloud services, and data-integration and -analytics software geared to the world in which Hadoop is a prominent fixture of the data-management architecture.

  • Jaspersoft BI Suite

Jaspersoft BI Suite is an open source software used in producing reports from database columns. Jaspersoft is expanding by making it easier to use these sophisticated reports with newer sources of data.

  • Pentaho Business Analytics

Pentaho provides software for drawing HDFS file data and HBase data from Hadoop clusters. You can hook up Pentaho’s tool to many of the most popular NoSQL databases such as MongoDB and Cassandra. Once the databases are connected, you can drag and drop the columns into views and reports as if the information came from SQL databases.

  • Sisense

Developed by Sisense, this business intelligence software is a user-friendly end-to-end application that prepares, analyzes and visualizes growing data sets from multiple sources. It allows users to crunch terabytes of data and supports thousands of users in a single commodity server.

  • Talend Open Studio

Its tools are designed to help with data integration, data quality, and data management, all with subroutines tuned to these jobs.

  • Tableau Desktop and Server

The software is well-polished and aesthetically pleasing. I often found myself reslicing the data just to see it in yet another graph, even though there wasn’t much new to be learned by switching from a pie chart to a bar graph and beyond. The software team clearly includes a number of people with some artistic talent.

  • SPSS by IBM

IBM SPSS Statistics software features Predictive Analytics that can help you find new relationships in the data. Even without previous statistics experience, this software allows a user to easily access, manage and analyze data sets for sound decision making.

  • Radius

Radius is easy to use B2B predictive marketing platform. It will allow you to understand existing market and then empower sales reps using quality data, information, and actionable insights.

  • Ideata Analytics

Easy to use analytics tool provides users in preparing and analyzing big data sets. Its connections to numerous data sources such as Hadoop and Redshift, it provides users straight access to their data. Featuring drag and drop interface, users can swiftly picture their data and interactively discover insights in it.

Tools for big data analytics are offered by many IT companies and big data vendors now. All of them promise to offer you results in just a matter of minutes. These tools gather, process, and analyze these chunks of data and present it to you in a more understandable way. It helps you answer the questions about what needs to be done to better improve the current process, product, and services.

Are you looking for the best big data analytics tools for you and your business? Click here to learn about the latest software available in the market today!

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