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Best Big Data Apps

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Companies both established and start-up is now acknowledging the benefits of big. It has become a new fact of business life that requires sound strategies for handling volumes of both structured and unstructured data.

Why Do You Need Big Data Applications in Your Organization?

The challenge with analyzing big data to bring real business value comes with the fact that beneath the mountain of big data you gather on a daily basis are fresh insights that will lead you closer to your organization’s success. Biggest big data companies help organizations identify trends and collect other valued information from different sources of information available to them.

List of Applications of Big Data Analysis That Are Available in the Market Today

  • Tableau 9.0

Released in April of 2016, this visual analysis software features quicker performance and “analytics-in-the flow” ability that make user focus on analytical tasks rather than new calculations or preparation of data.

  • AtScale Intelligence Platform 4.0

Software that provides users access to data in Hadoop clusters using applications and business tools they already have and are acquainted with, such as Microsoft Excel, Tableau, and QlikView. With high regard to security and data governance,it ensures that queries executed meet data policies.

  • Bedrock Data

In April Boston-based Bedrock Data launched its cloud-based data integration and management platform for different data sets. Its integration with Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) system automates reviewing, updating and synchronizing information data silos.

  • BlueData EPIC for Cloud Deployments

BlueData Software’s EPIC platform is intended to make it stress-free to install Hadoop and Spark infrastructure and applications for growth and manufacture purposes.

  • Qlik Sense 2.0

Qlik’s launched this more powerful “self-service” business analytics system that gives users more freedom to create their own analytical charts and visualizations.

  • Confluent Platform 3.0

Launched in September 2014, the Confluent Platform, built on Kafka, is a real-time data system that acts as a fault-proof, highly accessible messaging system. It can gather data from sources as user activity logs, device instrumentation, stock ticker systems and other use cases.

  • Datameer 6.0

Datameer 6.0 offers a new UI and new analytics workflow that the business said makes the data processing steps become a fluidly interactive process while improving data discovery.

  • Domo

In April the company debuted its cloud-based executive management system that provides business managers with access to information throughout an organization with a single dashboard.

  • DataStax Enterprise 5.0, OpsCenter 6.0 And Enterprise Graph

Launched in June, this includes progressive repetition abilities that are particularly in demand for the Internet. Included in this packaged is an updated version of Apache Spark for more advanced search and data analytics.

  • Snowflake Elastic Data Warehouse

San Mateo, California-based, this company is providing a cloud alternative, an SQL data warehouse running on Amazon Web Services that’s delivered as a service. It features include multidimensional elasticity, self-tuning functions, “extreme” high availability, and disaster recovery and enterprise-class security.

Just in case you are in need of applications for big data analysis in your company, you might want to try the applications listed above or professional big data vendors. Some of them might be new to the market, but they have already served a handful of companies and are leading them to reach their business goals.

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