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Best Big Data Software of 2016

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Data analysis is nothing new to the business world. But the advent of internet affected how data grows exponentially. The amount of data is astonishing and can sometimes be overwhelming. But one must acknowledge that within that information lies knowledge that can be extremely beneficial to one’s organization.

Reasons Why You Need to Employ Big Data Technologies and Tools

Volumes and volumes of data can be very overwhelming to handle. Though you can use generic office productivity tools to process your data, its capabilities of giving you results that you really need are limited. Big data applications by big data solution providers allow you to gather, manage, process, analyze data. It automates all of the process stated above, thus saving you time and manpower. Most big data applications nowadays are user-friendly and supports are given by the manufacturer.

Top 10 Big Data Software That Is Available in the Market Today

  • Sisense

Developed by Sisense, this business intelligence software is a user-friendly end-to-end application that prepares, analyzes and visualizes growing data sets from multiple sources. It allows users to crunch terabytes of data and supports thousands of users in a single commodity server.

  • Mozenda

With a simple point-and-click interface, Mozenda allows users automate extraction of data and images from any website on schedule. Since this is cloud-based computing additional hardware or IT services is not necessary to get started.

  • DataPlay

Developed by Margasoft, this integrated suite of applications fully meets your analysis, visualization, and presentation needs in market research.

  • SPSS by IBM:

IBM SPSS Statistics software features Predictive Analytics that can help you find new relationships in the data. Even without previous statistics experience, this software allows a user to easily access, manage and analyze data sets for sound decision making.

  • Radius

Radius is easy to use B2B predictive marketing platform. It will allow you to understand existing market and then empower sales reps using quality data, information, and actionable insights.


This Big Data system features in-memory technology, analytics database, and event processing Big Data system, which consists of in-memory technology, analytics database, and event processing. Rapid, robust and user-friendly.

  • Teradata Database

Developed by Teradata, this big data software is known to deliver high performance, diverse queries, in-database analytics & sophisticated workload management.

  • Clean & Match by WinPure

This has been recommended for its matching function. It works efficiently with large data sets. Awarded Industry Awards with World-class customer support.

  • Ideata Analytics

Easy to use analytics tool provides users in preparing and analyzing big data sets. Its connections to numerous data sources such as Hadoop and Redshift, it provides users straight access to their data. Featuring drag and drop interface, users can swiftly picture their data and interactively discover insights in it.

  • Apama Streaming Analytics

A leader in data analytics, this system features vent processing, messaging, in-memory data management, and visualization.

Data is all around us. With the proper big data apps, transform these raw data to beneficial information that can help you stand out in the industry that you are in.

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