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Big Data and Marketing Companies

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Big data and marketing have been going hand on hand for the past years. Since the development and wide usage of big data analytics, companies were able to understand their current marketing strategies and helped them point out what needs to be improved. They were able to reach out to their customers and target markets in the most effective way possible because of the insight they gathered from data analytics.

Advantages of Big Data Analytics in Marketing

Big data analytics have brought forth new marketing strategies to companies and organizations. They were able to understand their customers better and make use of the predictive models to improve their current marketing strategies. Insights derived from big data analytics also helped them understand and pinpoint the areas of operations that need improvement to ensure that they are offering only the best products and services to their clients.

Here’s a List of Big Data and Marketing Companies

  • LatentView Analytics

LatentView Analytics is now one of the world’s fastest growing firms. With their big data solutions, they offer services to help their clients fuel digital transformation by predicting new possible revenue streams, anticipate product trends, and improve customer retention rates.

  • CBIG Consulting

With CBIG’s expert team of consultants, analysts using their Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics they can help get you on the right track and start delivering results by utilizing big data for your advantage. Their Marketing Analytics and Data Monetization to Master Data Management and Managed Services empowers data-driven enterprises.

  • Altoros

They offer solutions for data mining, analysis, and visualization. Their tailored enterprise-class cloud management systems will help you identify marketing strategies that could result in more customer satisfaction and retention rate.

  • Anthem Marketing Solutions

Using their next-generation platforms and solutions, they are focused on helping clients make intelligent, informed marketing decisions for growing the long-term value of their customers.

  • HP Big Data Services

HP’s Big Data Software and Services helps world’s leading organizations unlock the full business value of their data. Offering end-to-end solution—from consulting up to process improvement – they are focused on helping you reach your organization’s objective and help you improve every aspect of your daily operation.

  • SAP Big Data services and consulting

SAP’s Big Data Services helps companies modernize commerce and optimize data storage to meet new expectations using Big Data on Hadoop.

  • Denologix

With Denologix Data Quality, Data Integration, Data Management and Business Intelligence solutions, you can maximize customer value, reduce risk, and grow your business.

  • Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte has the capabilities and deep industry insight to solve your most complex business challenges. They make use of their next-generation big data analytics solution in giving you actionable data.

  • PWC

One of the top big data solutions companies in the market right now is PWC – a part of the PriceWaterhouseCoopers business. In 2013 alone, they were able to generate $312 million. This company offers consulting services to Grow and innovate your business with their powerful analytics.

  • Inquidia Consulting

Inquidia’s services and solutions will help you meet your day-to-day decision making across all departments through their analytical designs and development services.

Data is ubiquitous. There are hundreds or even thousands of sources of data that are hiding ideas that could better your company. You just need to find the right solution and big data service providers to gather these data and analyze them so that you can benefit from them. All it takes is a good partner in data science and when processed effectively, success will surely be on its way.

Learn how big data and marketing companies can help you improve your marketing strategies!

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