List of the Biggest Big Data Companies

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List of the Biggest Big Data Companies

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Data is said to be the currency of the era that we live in today. Big data is a computing term that describes the massive volume of data that floods businesses on a day-to-day basis. These data, if processed in the most efficient way possible could reveal significant insights that will be very helpful in decision making, process streamlining of companies using big data.

How Big Data Has Changed the Way Businesses Work

Big data has been changing the way an organization functions and how each department works together. A culture of interdepartmental collaboration by joining together to utilize the value gained from big data analytics for the growth of the organization. Insights derived from big data helps employees make sound decisions such as how to make improve the current process, streamlining processes within the organization, as well as creating new sources of revenue for the company.

Below is the list of big data companies that are making difference in creating a new approach to architectures, tools, and practices for big data analytics. You may also be interested in find out the list of surprising inventions predicted by The Simpsons!

List of 10 Biggest Big Data Companies in the World Today

  • Splunk

Splunk® for Big Data Analytics offers Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud that are integrated, end-to-end, real-time solutions for machine data that delivers ranges of core capabilities which includes Universal collection and indexing of machine data, Powerful search processing, Real-time monitoring for patterns and thresholds, and much more.

  • Accenture

Accenture, an international IT company, offers services for modernizing integrated data warehouses and information management. They take pride in their Next Generation Business Intelligence, Data Security, Data Management and Integration.

  • Palantir

Palantir builds data fusion platforms for data integration, management, and security at massive scale. At the top of it, they also provide fully interactive, human-driven, machine-assisted analysis.

  • SAS Institute

SAS provides services that almost every feature a data scientist or business user could ever want. More than having the cutting edge technology for data analytics, this company is focused on how far it can help you advance your business.

  • Oracle Corp.

Oracle Corp offers Big Data Services from collection to cleaning, preparation and data transformation and analysis. With their Oracle Big Data Preparation Cloud Service, they are able to provide you a top-of-the-line data analysis for downstream processing.

  • Teradata Corp.

Teradata’s big data analytics solutions support data-driven analytics for discovering relationships and influences between people, products, and processes. Some of their notable clients are eBay, Volvo, P&G, and Verizon

  • SAP SE

With their SAP HANA technology, SAP’s Big Data services and consulting experts can help you transform your IT infrastructure and implement Big Data technologies that let you capture, store, and leverage data-driven insights in real time.

  • Dell Inc.

Dell provides Big Data Services allows you to use all relevant data from different sources possible to solve your existing problems and help you achieve your business goals using the processed data.

  • Hewlett-Packard Co.

HP’s Big Data software services promise to unlock the full business value of your data through their enterprise-class analytics platform allows users to store, analyze, explore, and predict 100% of data, irrespective of type, source, or location.

  • IBM Corp.

IBM’s Big data solutions help organizations change how business is done by utilizing previously unused sources of information in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. They build and manage highly efficient infrastructure to respond to change and drive innovation.

We can expect new technologies and more advanced infrastructures to be developed by these big data services companies in the coming years– technologies that will surely transform your company to the best that it can be.

Get started with big data and analytics. Explore how big data companies can help you transform your business and achieve a competitive advantage!

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