Everything about Big Data Methods

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Everything about Big Data Methods

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The definition of big data has evolved rapidly which has raised some confusion to people who are still trying to learn about it. But to put it simply, big data is a massive, fast and wide-ranged information asset that demands cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making.

Big Data Management and Analytics

Regardless of the size of data that you store in your organization, it is worthless if you are unable to analyze them. This is where data management comes in. Data management includes procedures and technologies to process these data for analysis. Big data analytics is the process of scrutinizing large datasets to expose concealed patterns, unidentified correlations, market trends, customer inclinations and other useful business information. Corporations then use this insight to improve their process, products and services to provide optimum customer satisfaction.

Big Data Collection Methods

You might wonder how organizations gather data to be analyzed. Listed down are some of the common collection methods used by big data analysts.

  • Collecting data using the internet technology

This data collection strategy is the process of directly asking customers data that are needed for big data business analytics. This might be in a form of surveys, sign up information and the like. This is one of the easiest ways to gather data since more and more users are using the internet now for a variety of purpose.

  • Collecting data using the mobile technology

Mobile Big Data Analytics helps business to understand how their customers interact with their mobile applications. It also gives them information about their users – such as user id, preferences, locations, device type and much more. It also gives them information about what information users are looking for in their mobile apps.

  • Using online survey tools

Using online survey tools is a very forthright way to gather data. It allows you to ask specific questions relevant to your marketing goals. The data gathering survey allows you to communicate with your customers online to ask for their opinion; interests and preferences that can help you improve your marketing strategies.

  • Data collection using GPS

This data collection method is beneficial to locally based marketers. It helps them identify foreseeable purchasing patterns of customers.

  • Deriving actionable consumer insights from social media

Influence of social media and computational models are used to predict basic traits that affect consumer behavior.

It is imperative for an organization to be able to get the right datasets from big data vendors to help them solve the problems they are facing. Data is everywhere. According to Clive Humby, “Data is the new oil. Data is just like crude. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used.” There are loads of datasets just waiting to be tapped. Companies don’t need to build their own massive data storage before starting with big data analytics. There are free sources that you can tap for your next big data project.

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