Everything about Mobile Big Data That You Need to Know

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Everything about Mobile Big Data That You Need to Know

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The widespread of mobile devices around the globe gave birth to Mobile Big Data Era. Mobile Devices such as smart phones are not just being used for calling and sending text messages but for internet connectivity as well. It gave people higher accessibility to the internet. They use it to search for information, shop and much more.

Public and private organizations alike are investing fortunes to develop mobile applications to better support and reach out to their target customers. It has made advertising, marketing and information dissemination easier and cheaper. They can now target customers to endorse their products which can be beneficial to them.

Mobile Big Data Analytics

Mobile big data analytics denotes to the huge amount of data collected from mobile users at the network-level or the application level. Mobile Big Data Analytics helps business to understand how their customers interact with their mobile applications. It also gives them information about their users – such as user id, preferences, locations, device type and much more. It also gives them information about what information users are looking for in their mobile apps. Data gathered from mobile devices are then processed to help companies improve their products and services to improve customer satisfaction.

Below are some of the mobile applications analytics tools and big data providers that aim to analyze and improve the performance mobile websites and apps.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics tool provided by Google for free. Your app overview on Google App Analytics tool allows you to find information about your users, for event tracking, and get reports on speed and crashes and much more.


This lightweight SDK has an ad network gives you reports about your ad performance and comprehensive user information reports. They have solutions for any mobile device operating system.


A few of the key features of this tools includes filtering your metrics, measuring the results from paid and organic traffic sources and gives you understanding on the performance of your application.

  • Apsalar

Apsalar’s focus is more advertising attribution. This gives you an idea on which marketing campaigns are working and which ones are not. With their marketing tool such as SmartTags, it can give you a more comprehensive analysis of your marketing efforts.

  • Upright

The tool provides in-deep analysis of metrics with funnel analysis, cohort explorer a predictive life time value. It can predict how much money customers will spend in your app over their entire lifetime based on their past behavior.


Countly’s real-time dashboard is very user-friendly. It gives you easy to read reports and quick access to the data you need at a glance.


Their platform provides you with real-time analytics and messaging features that seem to set them apart from the crowd.

  • Adobe Analytics

Its mobile services SDK provides a single method of data which provides data visualizations and comprehensive understandings about user interaction, monetization, and retention.

  • Amazon Mobile Analytics

The tool is intended to send usage reports within an hour of receiving data from an application.

  • Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg allows you to track users per device, which can be helpful if you’re only interested in the mobile users.

Factors to Consider in Choosing the Right Mobile Analytics Tool

Before choosing which mobile analytics tool or big data service providers to use for your mobile application, you should always consider the reliability of the security features and accessibility to the data that you need. In the end, the choice will still depend on your mobile marketing needs. Most of these mobile analytics tools can be downloaded for free, so you can go ahead and try them before you choose one.

Big data is available almost everywhere. You just need to have the right tools, skills, and people to use it for your own advantage. Keep reading, keep learning.

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