Growth of Big Data 2017

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Growth of Big Data 2017

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We can compare big data to oil. Oil, in its raw form, it’s useless to human race until it is processed and distilled. Big data technology is going to transform and revolutionize the way enterprise get and use. Find out more information about secondary research methods to succeed in your business and data analysis. Big data development has brought more advantages and opportunities for growth and innovations for the companies that use it.

Big data methods have evolved and matured as years went by. More and more technologies, platforms and software are being developed to support the growing demand for big data analytics in the world. Big data is only going to get bigger, and those companies that ignore it will be left further and further behind.

Main Breakthroughs & Development in 2017

One of the main breakthroughs of big data in 2017 is that machine learning has been a top strategic trend for 2017. IT experts are even predicting that machine learning will be an essential element for data preparation and predictive analysis in businesses moving forward.

Numerous big data analytics software has been released this year alone. Some of them are better versions of its predecessor. Companies continue to develop better platforms that could increase the benefits of big data to all industries.

Cloud computing and big data have been proven to be the very good combination. IT companies now are offering services that are both on-premise and cloud applications. Cloud allowed agility, elasticity, and on-demand computing.

Most companies now are adopting stream analytics for faster insight generation and operational efficiency.

Mobile big data applications are now widely used too. Companies are using their mobile application to gather direct information from their customers, thus giving them exact datasets that they need for their research.

Future of Big Data

  • Data volumes will continue to grow.

Considering the fast-growing internet and mobile users around the globe, there is no doubt that data volumes will grow exponentially day after day. This means more datasets to be analyzed and more innovative insights to provide to businesses, companies, and governments.

  • Ways to analyze data will improve.

Technology gets better and better every minute. IT companies, businesses, and governments have already realized the importance of big data analytics. People will always be able to build platforms and software that will make big data analytics faster, easier and cheaper.

  • More tools for analysis (without the analyst) will emerge.

Some giant IT companies are now saying that soon enough, software and platforms for big data analytics will be developed that will not be needing any human intervention anymore.

  • Prescriptive analytics will be built into business analytics software.

IDC predicts that half of all business analytics software will include the intelligence where it’s needed by 2020.

  • Big data will face huge challenges around privacy.

There were several positive predictions about the future of big data analytics but there are also negative ones. The most pressing issue is the security. Technology has advanced and so are the people that wanted to steal or use these big datasets to cause harm to others. Big data solution providers must now create and implement policies to better protect their data and their organization.

Learn the growth of big data 2017 to assess its help in creating a successful business online!

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