Here’s the List of Companies Using Big Data

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Here’s the List of Companies Using Big Data

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Today, more companies and organizations are utilizing big data and analytics approaches to using the massive volume of data to discover new understandings that will help them better their company and provide better services to their valued customers. With the use of advance big data software and employing services from big data service providers, it has now become possible for organizations to analyze their data and deliver results almost immediately.

Understanding Big Data

Big data is a term used in computing to define voluminous data – unstructured, semi-structured – that has the potential of being used to be mined for useful information. IT is so largely scaled that it is hard to process using traditional database applications. Its very powerful in providing businesses beneficial insights and values.

Importance of Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics helps businesses utilize their data and use it to find new opportunities for growth and revenue alike. Companies using big data enjoy multiple advantages of using big data. It leads them to smarter business strategies, sound decision making, streamline processes, higher revenue, and better customer services.

Below is a short list of companies that are now reaping the fruits of big data analytics.

  • Arby’s

This sandwich company uses big data to help them determine the best audience for their advertisements. It allows them to see in which channel ads are more receptive and utilize that channel to increase their leads from the marketing.

  • Starbucks

This international leading uses big data to determine the potential success of every new location prior to expanding their operations.

  • Capital One

By utilizing big data management, it helped them ensure the success of all customer offerings by analyzing the demographic data and spending habits of customers and to determine the most optimal times to present various offers to clients.

  • T-Mobile

By analyzing big data, T-Mobile reduced their customer turnover rate by determining the core causes for turnover, allowing them to implement effective solutions that will keep more clients on board.

  • The Heathman Lodge

This hotel is able to see the ways that holidays, weekends, local events, and seasonal changes impact the demand on their rooms by analyzing big data. They adjust room rates based on the fluctuating demands of customers, thus significantly enhancing their revenue potential.

  • Target

Target is using big data gathered from their customers and other sources to determine what people were planning on doing and pre-empt their buying efforts.

  • Netflix

They are using massive amounts of data collected from their users to put content they will probably enjoy. They produced models from big data analytics to find the elements that make a show or movie popular among consumers.


This financial giant uses big data to look for indicators that could predict loyalty and developed sophisticated predictive models to analyze historical transactions.


GE’s analytics team crunches data from their machines and redevelop the designs and specs of machines to be more efficient.

  • IRS

IRS is using Big Data to stop identity theft, fraud, and improper payments, such as those who are not paying taxes. The system also helps to make sure compliance with tax rules and laws.

There might be a misconception about big data service providers and big data analytics up until now, but it has proven itself effective to many companies using it for themselves. Once you start engaging in big data, you’ll start to learn what you don’t know, and you’ll be inspired to take steps to resolve your business’ problems.

Start using big data to help you better your current process. Here’s the list of companies using big data software that you can use for your business!

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