List of the Best Big Data Consulting Companies

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List of the Best Big Data Consulting Companies

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Multinational companies and organizations are now hiring IT firms that offer big data services. These companies offer end to end solutions to their clients. They gather, process, and analyze chunks of data to better understand the current performance of the companies in almost every aspect of operation and give them insights on how to improve them.

Reasons Why You Need Big Data Analytics

Big data provides information about the current condition and what you have to do to make it better. Organizations are looking for actionable data which big data analytics offers. Efficiently processed data helps the organization optimize the current manpower and improve performance. It equips organizations to communicate with other departments through data gathered. Lastly, it allows the organization to predict the future of the company.

10 List of the Best Big Data Consulting Companies

  • Hitachi Big Data Consulting

Hitachi provides services to organizations with the things, platforms, and services to allow them to drive value out of data creation, management, and analytics delivery.

  • IBM Analytics consulting

IBM is one of the top big data and marketing companies offering big data solutions and services. They offer solutions to maximize the value of each business’ information assets. They will help you use data for your benefits.

  • HP Big Data Services

HP’s Big Data Software and Services helps world’s leading organizations unlock the full business value of their data. Offering end-to-end solution—from consulting up to process improvement – they are focused on helping you reach your organization’s objective and help you improve every aspect of your daily operation.

  • Dell’s Big Data Business Intelligence Consulting

Dell’s Big Data Business Intelligence Consulting allows their clients to take full advantage of data to improve decision making and gain critical insights that will make the company better.

  • Teradata Services

Teradata’s Data & analytics support services include analytical ecosystem support, workload management, Hadoop & other big data managed services, disaster recovery.

  • SAP Big Data services and consulting

SAP’s Big Data Services helps companies modernize commerce and optimize data storage to meet new expectations using Big Data on Hadoop.

  • Oracle Consulting

Oracle offers solutions to optimize data center through consolidation, migration, and implementation of the latest technologies to drive operation and make educated decisions with the use of Oracle Database Business Intelligence and Big Data.

  • Accenture Big Data Consulting

Accenture Analytics provides Big Data and related Technology services to businesses and organization seeking to harness the power of big data analytics.

  • Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte has the capabilities and deep industry insight to solve your most complex business challenges. They make use of their next-generation big data analytics solution in giving you actionable data.

  • Microsoft Consulting

With Microsoft’s platforms and collaboration with their network of partners around the globe, they offer solutions to leverage your company’s growth.

Hiring any of these big data services companies will be very beneficial to your company. They have proven their capability to influence the growth of their clients through the solutions that they offer.

Get experts advise on how these lists of best big data consulting companies can help you deliver value from big data projects!

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